Boat Management

Corte Lotti Offers a wide range of maintainance services for your boat. Ranging from engine maintanance, hull modifications, on board facilities and many others, the quality of the work is guaranteed by the outstanding quality controls that have never disappointed any customer.

One of the main services we provide is the “boat management”. That means to provide all the maintanance and safekeeping services to make sure the Owner’s boat is always in perfect shape, and ready to be used. The management follows everything and makes sure to keep the batteries full, to open the boat when the sun shine to prevent mould and condensation, control the bilges and the toilet exhaust, check the proper functioning of autoclaves and of all that needs to be constantly controlled; we can also provide any other service the client request, including washing the interiors and keep it tidy while in storage.

Corte Lotti Marine with all these services offer the possibility to the yachtsman, both parking and transit, to take advantage of a group of professionals ready to find the solution to the Owner’s problems.

Shipyard and technical services

The shipyard has modern equipment, cutting edge technologies, highly qualified personnel, Corte Lotti Marine shipyard has also a 160 tons travel lift.
Is able to satisfy the needs of each type of boat and to make any kind of work, from towing to joinery, painting, refitting of vintage boats keeping intact originality and refinement.

Thanks to specialized carpenters it is possible to reproduce any kind of deck using high quality materials and to rebuild, modernize and modify interior on special request of the Owner.

The shipyard about painting with the most modern enamel cycles which guarantee gloss and durability.

Other available features:

antifouling airless application from first brands
propellers, shaft lines,alignments
ordinary and extraordinary engine maintenance and gensets
electrical installations c.c and c.a
bow thrusters and stern propellers calculation and installation
 plumbing, winches,capstans

 rigging, sails and equipment setting up
air conditioning – inside and outside upholstery, made to measure curtains
osmosis cycles in control area
 polishing gelcoat and enamels
try sea, engine control, operation test, expertises
 boat complete management.


The basis to keep in time the good depends on a right standard quality and to a right maintenance.
For this Corte Lotti Marine offers different kind of expertises in order to offer to the Owner trusted technical personnel to obtain to results for purchases, permutations and works on board.

Services offered by Corte Lotti are:

technical and commercial expertises
 commercial values
surveillance of the works
 insurance and legal expertises


Tiara Owner's Club

Tiara Owner’s Club gratify the owners of Tiara Yachts with sportive and recreational activities, offer them the possibility to partecipate at Corte Lotti Marine events.
Tiara Owner’s Club objective is to create an affiliate group of people with the fishing passion ready to share, with friends, moment of joy for an important fishing.

To be a member ship of the Club give you the opportunity to be always updated about Tiara’s World and about all the shipyard news.